10-Gram Gold Bars

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10 Gram Valcambi Gold Bar (New w/ Assay)

As low as $36.19 per bar over spot!

For investors and collectors who are on the hunt for new acquisitions for their portfolio of precious metals, Valcambi Susie is one of the most well-respected brands in the industry that has curated a stellar reputation for quality bullion with iconic imagery. The Valcambi Gold Bar is one of their stand-out products that has continue... Read More

In Stock

Qty ACH/Check/Wire Crypto Card/PayPal
1-9 $817.18 $825.69 $851.23
10-24 $816.18 $824.68 $850.19
25+ $815.18 $823.67 $849.15

10 Gram Perth Mint Gold Bar (New w/ Assay)

Gold is an undeniable symbol of wealth, security, and prosperity. It has also proven itself to be one of the safest investment option for collectors and investors in the precious metals industry. The Perth Mint has always specialized in the curation and distribution of gold bullion bars and this specific gold is one of their best. Bullion Max offers the 10 Gram Perth Gold Bar for purchase online today! Bar Highlights:  The bar will be de... Read More

In Stock

Qty ACH/Check/Wire Crypto Card/PayPal
1-9 $820.09 $828.63 $854.26
10-24 $819.09 $827.62 $853.22
25+ $818.09 $826.61 $852.18

10-Gram Gold Bars

With the price of gold typically pegged to 1 troy ounce, it is important to have other sizes available to fit different budgets and make bartering practical.  This is where smaller bars such as the 10 gram gold bar comes into play.  When it comes to gold bars smaller than 1 oz, the 10-gram bar is a very popular choice.  There are also 20-gram bars which are double the size and 5-gram bars at half the size, making the 10-gram a good and versatile middle ground.

All of our 10 gram gold bars contain .9999 pure gold, and come sealed in protective assay packaging.  

10 grams of gold is a great starting point for a new collector as they are far more affordable than a 1 oz bar.  The 10 gram gold bars also have a lower premium than smaller bars, on average, giving you more value for your purchase.  These smaller denominations, including the 1 and 5 gram bars, are great to maximize the amount of gold on a particular budget and make precise measurements easier when trading.  As such, gold stackers often like to have a variety of gold bar sizes on hand.


Popular 10 Gram Gold Bars

Perth Mint 10-Gram Gold Bar – The Perth Mint's 2nd smallest gold bar is the 5 gram bar.  (Its 1 gram gold bar is the smallest.)  Each bar is engraved with the Perth Mint's swan logo as well as its weight and purity.  

Valcambi 10-Gram Gold Bar – Gold bars from the Swiss Valcambi refinery all feature a unique serial number along with their metal content and weight.  The Valcambi logo and name also appears on the bar, in a simple, clean design that keeps the focus on the bar itself.


Price of 10-Gram Gold Bars

The price of gold varies, and as such the exact price of any given 10 gram gold bar will also vary, depending on the spot price of gold at the time of purchase.  At BullionMax you can see the current price of our available gold bars on any of the gold bar product pages.