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1 Dragon Silverback Silver Note (New)
As Low As: $8.99
In Stock
1 Dragon Silverback Silver Note (100 Pack, New)
As Low As: $899.00
In Stock

Silverback Silver Notes at BullionMax

Explore the exceptional world of Silverbacks, a distinct collection within the burgeoning realm of silver notes crafted by private mints. Offering affordability and captivating imagery, Silverbacks stand out as a unique series that enhances any collection. Delve deeper into this expanding domain of silver notes and discover the allure of Silverbacks.

The Making of Silverbacks

Silverbacks are meticulously crafted by layering thin sheets of pure silver between polyester, a process akin to other silver notes. Each Silverback is carefully encased in currency sleeves to safeguard against damage during transit and handling. Notably, the delicate nature of these notes allows for designs only on one side, ensuring that intricate images shine through on the reverse.

Introducing Dragon Silverbacks

Leading the charge is the inaugural release of Silverbacks: the 1 Dragon Silverback Note. Offering an enticing alternative to the popular Goldbacks, this series weaves a mythic narrative of dragons drawn to wealth and precious metals. The striking design features a formidable dragon guarding a hoard of riches, with prominent silver bullion coins and bars incorporated into the artwork, making Dragon Silverbacks a captivating addition to any collection.

Buying Silverbacks at BullionMax

Please feel free to reach out to BullionMax if you have any questions about Silverbacks. You can call us at 800-729-3202, chat with us online, or simply send us an email with your inquiries.