1/2 oz Silver Coins

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1/2 oz Silver Coins from BullionMax

Common 1/2 oz silver bullion coins are popular among investors and collectors due to their affordability, portability, and availability. These coins typically contain 1/2 troy ounce (approximately 15.55 grams) of .999 fine silver, making them a convenient option for those looking to diversify their precious metal holdings or acquire smaller units of silver.

Here are some examples of common 1/2 oz silver bullion coins:

  1. Australian Silver Lunar Series: The Perth Mint of Australia produces the Australian Silver Lunar coins with a 1/2 oz variant. The obverse showcases an effigy of Queen Elizabeth II through 2023, while the reverse of each issue has a new depiction of an animal from the 12-year cycle of the Zodiac.
  2. British Silver Britannia: The British Silver Britannia coins, minted by the Royal Mint, include a 1/2 oz version. The obverse displays Queen Elizabeth II, while the reverse features the iconic Britannia figure. These coins carry a face value of 50 pence.
  3. Chinese Silver Panda: The Chinese Silver Panda coins, issued by the People’s Bank of China, are renowned for their annual changing designs. They also come in a 1/2 oz size. The obverse features the Hall of Prayer for Good Harvests in the Temple of Heaven, while the reverse showcases a panda motif. Chinese Silver Pandas do not carry a face value. However, since 2016 this coin has been issued as a 15 Gram specimen.

Most 1/2 oz silver bullion coins are widely recognized and traded in the precious metals market. Their silver content, consistent quality, and easily divisible nature make them attractive to both investors and collectors seeking to acquire silver in smaller increments.

Invest and Collect 1/2 oz Silver Coins with BullionMax

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