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Silver Queen’s Beasts Coins at BullionMax

The British Silver Queen’s Beasts Series is a collection of silver bullion coins produced by the Royal Mint in the United Kingdom. The series was introduced in 2016 and is inspired by the heraldic beasts that stood guard during the coronation of Queen Elizabeth II in 1953. The collection ran through 2021 and is one of the more beautiful series in recent memory from the Royal Mint.


Each coin in the Queen’s Beasts Series features a unique design representing one of the ten mythical creatures that symbolize the ancestry and heritage of Queen Elizabeth II. The designs were created by Jody Clark, the designer of the current effigy of Queen Elizabeth II on British coins.

The reverse of each coin showcases a detailed depiction of a specific beast, while the obverse features the portrait of Queen Elizabeth II. The beasts included in the series include:

  • Lion of England
  • Griffin of Edward III
  • Red Dragon of Wales
  • Unicorn of Scotland
  • Black Bull of Clarence
  • Falcon of the Plantagenets
  • Yale of Beaufort
  • White Lion of Mortimer
  • White Greyhound of Richmond
  • White Horse of Hanover.

Silver Content

The Queen’s Beasts coins are struck in 2 Troy oz of .9999 fine silver, making them one of the purest silver bullion coins available. The introduction of the 2 oz Silver Queen’s Beast marked the first-ever 2 oz silver bullion coin from the Royal Mint. The mint later introduced 10 oz silver versions of the coin for each design as well.

Legal Tender Status

Similar to the Britannia coins, the Queen’s Beasts coins are legal tender in the United Kingdom and have face values denominated in British pounds. However, their intrinsic value based on their silver content typically exceeds their face value.

Limited Editions

In addition to the standard bullion coins, the Queen’s Beasts series offers a range of limited-edition and proof versions. This largely consisted of proof versions for each design with limited mintages, presentation packaging, and beautiful visuals. There was also a Queen’s Beast Collection coin issued at the conclusion of the series that featured all 10 beasts in a singular design.

Collector and Investment Appeal

The Queen’s Beasts series has gained significant popularity among both coin collectors and precious metal investors. The series combines intricate designs with the historical and heraldic significance of the beasts associated with the British monarchy.

Coin collectors are drawn to the series for its stunning artwork and the opportunity to assemble a complete set of ten coins representing each of the Queen’s Beasts. The changing designs make it an engaging and visually appealing collection.

As bullion coins, the Queen’s Beasts series is sought after by investors due to its high silver purity and recognition in the global precious metals market. The coins offer a convenient way to invest in silver while also possessing a numismatic appeal.

Overall, the British Silver Queen’s Beasts Series showcases the rich heritage of the British monarchy through beautifully designed silver bullion coins. Whether sought after by collectors or investors, the series combines artistic beauty, historical significance, and the inherent value of silver.

Silver Queen’s Beasts Coins from BullionMax

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