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Platinum Bars from BullionMax

Investing in platinum bullion often involves the acquisition of platinum bars, which serve as the primary conduit for such investments. These bars hold appeal due to their widespread availability, diverse array of options, and favorable pricing in comparison to the current platinum spot price. With numerous private companies minting platinum bars, investors enjoy the flexibility to select bars of their preferred size, design, and relative pricing.


Platinum bars are crafted in various sizes, measured in grams and troy ounces, ranging from the smallest (1 gram) to the largest (10 ounces or occasionally 1 kilogram). Most bars, akin to their gold counterparts, come with assay certificates verifying their purity, weight, and mint of origin. By preserving the original mint packaging and retaining the assay certificate, selling the bar in the future becomes hassle-free.

Smaller gram bars are typically packaged in cards or encased within their assay, while larger bars are shipped loose with separate paper assay certificates. Even the most sizable platinum bar (10 ounces or 1 kilogram) remains manageable, fitting comfortably in the palm of one’s hand.


Though numerous private mints globally produce platinum bars, the primary market is dominated by PAMP Suisse and Credit Suisse. Purchasing bars from major producers with assay certificates ensures authenticity and guards against forgery. While our current selection of platinum bars is limited, we have plans to expand our offerings in the future.

Examples of Popular Collections

Each mint employs its distinctive approach to platinum bar design, although intricate elements are generally avoided as platinum is primarily sought for investment rather than collectible purposes. Nevertheless, these bars possess a certain aesthetic appeal. Common designs include:

  • Fortuna Series by PAMP Suisse: Featuring depictions of the goddess of Fortune, Fortuna, on the obverse. The design showcases Fortuna in a left-profile bust with a blindfold, accompanied by a cornucopia on her head, symbolizing abundance.
  • Valcambi Platinum: The obverse displays the Valcambi logo alongside an assayer’s stamp, weight, purity, metal content, and sometimes a serial number.
  • Credit Suisse Platinum: Similar to Valcambi bars, Credit Suisse Platinum Bars feature the rectangular Credit Suisse logo with identifying inscriptions. Some bars may also include a serial number.
  • Argor-Heraeus: The obverse of Argor-Heraeus bars showcases the company logo with a stylized “AH” at the center of a circular setting, surrounded by the full name inscribed around it, along with weight, purity, and metal content details.

Invest in Platinum Bars at BullionMax

If you have any questions about platinum bars, please feel free to ask. BullionMax customer service is available at 800-729-3202, online using our web chat, and via our email address.