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The kangaroo is possibly Australia’s most iconic symbol. It’s no wonder, then, that the Australian Kangaroo Silver coin is one of the most well-known coins from the Land Down Under. The Perth Mint produces both proof and bullion Silver Kangaroo coins inspired by Australia’s beloved marsupial. Thanks to their artistry and purity, these Kangaroo silver coins have been a favorite of both investors and collectors since they were introduced. The Silver Kangaroo is a worthwhile investment piece due to a variety of factors, and they offer a great way to add pure silver bullion to an investment portfolio. Learn more about this popular coin’s history, value and design.


The Perth Mint’s Australian Silver Kangaroo was introduced as a proof coin in 1993. The Perth Mint produces proof Silver Kangaroo coins in limited mintages.

The Perth Mint already had established a tradition of silver bullion coins. Building on that tradition and sparked by demand for the proof Silver Kangaroo coins, the Perth Mint unveiled a new bullion Australian Silver Kangaroo coin in 2016. The bullion Silver Kangaroo coin has a strong link to other popular Perth Mint bullion silver coins, such as the Australian Silver Koala and Australian Silver Kookaburra coins. The Perth Mint strikes these bullion products annually. The coins feature consistent images on the obverse every year but a new design on the reverse every year. [1] [2]

Australian Kangaroo Silver coins use an enduring symbol of Australia: the kangaroo. Because this animal is such a popular symbol for the country, it can create some confusion since other national currency coins also use images of the kangaroo. Don’t confuse Perth Mint Australian Silver Kangaroo coins with the official currency released by the Royal Australian Mint. The latter is released into circulation for the general public to use in everyday transactions.

About the Perth Mint

Located in the state of Western Australia, the Perth Mint was founded in 1899. It is Australia’s oldest operating facility and one of the last opened by the Royal Mint of London during British colonial rule. At the time, the Perth Mint joined the Melbourne Mint and the Sydney Mint, both of which later closed. After Australia gained independence, the government of Western Australia took over control of the Perth Mint.

The Perth Mint today includes a state-of-the-art coining press and is considered one of the world’s finest facilities. The Perth Mint is not affiliated with the Australian national government’s Royal Australian Mint. However, under Australia’s Currency Act of 1965, coins produced by the Perth Mint also have status as legal tender currency. [3] [4]


Kangaroo Silver coins are considered legal tender in Australia and have a face value of $1 AUD as determined by the Australian government. However, a given Silver Kangaroo coin may have greater value than its face value.

A few factors can influence the value of Australian Kangaroo Silver coins [1] [2]:

  • Image design: While the design motif for these coins stays the same, the specific design of the kangaroo featured on each year’s coin changes. This can add to the demand and value of a given year’s coin.
  • High-relief design: The Perth Mint recently began to strike the Silver Kangaroo proof coin in brilliant high-relief, which adds to the collectible value of these Australian Kangaroo Silver coins.
  • Mintage numbers: The Perth Mint tightly controls the number of proof coins produced every year using a maximum mintage policy. In other words, this mint sets a total quantity of coins; once it meets that mark, it does not strike any additional coins for that year. When it comes to the bullion coin, the popular 1-ounce coins are usually produced with unlimited mintage, though other weights frequently have restricted mintage.
  • Silver content: Previous versions of Silver Kangaroo coins issued by the Perth Mint were produced with .999 pure silver. In recent years, the Perth Mint began striking these Silver Kangaroo bullion coins with .9999 pure silver, making the Silver Kangaroo the first .9999 pure silver produced by this mint.
  • Coin weight: Kangaroo Silver coins are available in different weights, such as 1-ounce, 2-ounce, and 5-ounce coins.


Although specific design features of the Perth Mint’s Australian Silver Kangaroo coins vary each year, certain factors remain constant. Additionally, the recent high-relief proof coins feature a depth of at least 38 millimeters and concave faces, giving an impression of a 3D finish. [1] [2]

Reverse Side

The reverse side of these coins always depicts an image of a kangaroo. The exact design of the kangaroo image changes each year. [1] [2]

In addition to the kangaroo motif, you will always find an engraving of ‘Australian Kangaroo’ above the design. Below the kangaroo design, you will find information about the coin’s:

  • Metal content
  • Minting
  • Purity
  • Weight

The newer Australian Silver Kangaroo bullion coins also include a security feature not found on other Perth Mint bullion coins. A micro-laser engraved letter ‘A’ creates a new authentication feature. You’ll find this feature within the first letter ‘A’ in the engraving of the word ‘Australian’ on top of the image on this side.

Obverse Side

These coins display the effigy of the reigning British monarch at the time. This series consisted of just Queen Elizabeth II, until 2024 when King Charles III replaced her on Perth Mint coinage.

  • 1993-1997: Raphael Maklouf’s design of Queen Elizabeth II.
  • 1998- 2018: Ian Rank-Broadley’s image of Queen Elizabeth II.
  • 2019-2023: Jody Clark’s rendition of Queen Elizabeth II
  • 2024-Present: Dan Thorne’s design of King Charles III. This marks the first time that someone other than Queen Elizabeth II has been featured.