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Other Silver Coins at BullionMax

When it comes to investing or collecting silver coins, BullionMax is proud to carry a wide range of products. While BU coins are the most popular and common in the industry, collectors will find a wide range of coin types available when buying silver.

Proof Coins

Proof coins are specially minted coins that are produced using a specialized minting process to achieve a high level of detail and quality. They are typically struck multiple times on specially prepared planchets (blank metal discs) using polished dies. This process results in coins with a mirror-like background finish and frosted, raised design elements. Proof coins are usually produced for collectors and are often sold in protective cases or capsules to preserve their pristine condition.

Colorized Coins

Colorized coins are regular coins that have been enhanced with color application techniques. These techniques involve adding color to specific design elements on the coin’s surface. The colors are usually applied using specialized paints or printing methods. Colorized coins can depict various themes, such as famous artworks, commemorative events, or national symbols. While colorization can enhance the visual appeal of coins, it’s important to note that it may affect their numismatic value, as traditional collectors tend to prefer unaltered coins.

High-Relief Coins

High relief coins are coins that have been struck with deep, three-dimensional designs, resulting in a pronounced raised relief. These coins have designs that are raised higher off the coin’s surface compared to standard coins. The increased relief allows for greater detail and intricacy in the design, giving the coin a more sculptural appearance. High-relief coins require additional striking pressure and multiple strikes to achieve their distinctive look. They often have a concave or domed shape to accommodate the added depth of the design.

Gilded Silver Coins

Gilded silver coins are silver coins that have been selectively plated or coated with a thin layer of gold. The gilding process involves applying a layer of gold to specific design elements or the entire surface of the coin, creating a visually striking contrast between the gold and silver. The purpose of gilding is primarily decorative, adding an aesthetic appeal to the coin. Gilded silver coins often commemorate special occasions, historical events, or feature popular cultural themes.

Collect Other Silver Coins with BullionMax

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