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Tudor Beasts Tudor Dragons from BullionMax

In 2021, The Royal Mint introduced an exciting new series of bullion coins honoring heraldic beasts from the history of English royalty. While its previous collection, the Queens Beasts Series, covered a variety of different dynasties to reign over England, the Tudor Beasts Series focuses on 10 heraldic beasts that defined the reign of the House of Tudor, a dynasty that reigned over England from the end of the Wars of the Roses in 1485 to the end of the Golden Age of Elizabeth I in 1603.

The Tudor Dragon Design

For each gold, silver, or platinum coin available in the Tudor Beasts Tudor Dragon release, you’ll find a common reverse design. The Tudor Dragon was among the first heraldic beasts adopted by the House of Tudor as it helped establish the dynasty’s royal lineage through its Welsh roots. The Red Dragon of Wales is featured on the reverse of each coin as it sits in a seated position while supporting a shield with the portcullis emblazoned on it.

Importance of the Tudor Dragon

Established as a Tudor heraldic beast in 1485 by Henry VII, the Red Dragon’s prominence continued throughout the Tudor era, appearing on royal badges, coats of arms, and various decorative elements in architecture and art. It became a lasting symbol of Tudor authority and played a crucial role in shaping the dynasty’s identity. The dragon’s association with prophecy and divine right further reinforced the Tudors’ claim to rule, as it was believed to fulfill an ancient prediction about a red dragon defeating a white dragon, symbolizing the triumph of the British (Welsh) over the Saxons. This mythological connection helped the Tudors establish a sense of destiny and divine favor, which proved invaluable in maintaining their grip on power for over a century.

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