Gold and Silver Kits and Bundles

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Gold and silver bullion kits and bundles 

Whether you want to buy gold for the first time or you’re a veteran silver stacker, BullionMax has a variety of curated product packages to make your precious metals purchase a little bit easier. 

When you’re shopping for gold and silver for the first time, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed. There are just so many choices… The world’s finest sovereign mints and largest refineries are all creating top-notch products in a wide variety of designs and sizes. How do you choose? 

We’ve done our best to take the hard part out of your precious metals shopping experience by creating these starter kits and investor bundles. We did the shopping for you – all you need is a budget!

About BullionMax silver starter kits

We created the silver starter kit to take the guesswork and uncertainty out of your first silver purchase. Your silver starter kit will include several ounces of globally-recognized, high-demand silver bullion products in the standard 1 oz. weight. 

You get a representative sample of some of the finest investment silver bullion in the world (at a great price). 

The best thing about the silver starter kit is it’s affordable. You can start stacking real, physical silver bullion for less than your monthly cell phone bill (well, at least less than mine). 

Honestly, our silver starter kits are value-priced and make outstanding gifts for yourself and your loved ones. If you’re the kind of person who wants to have some barter items around the house… Or you’re the kind of person who’s curious about starting a silver stack but not sure where to begin… Or you just love the peerless shine of real silver… You’ve come to the right place! 

BullionMax gold investor bundles

Here’s a secret: the super-wealthy don’t shop like the rest of us. It’s true – and we have the data to prove it! 

Our gold investor bundles are based on what our biggest customers are buying. The whales. The “pay a six-figure bill with my credit card” folks. Now, being rich doesn’t necessarily make them better than you or me, but you know that saying about following the smart money? Something along the line of, “When in doubt, do what a really rich guy would.” Maybe they know something we don’t…

In any event, we reviewed our top 5% largest sales and our top 5% biggest customers to zero in on exactly what our super-rich customers prefer when they buy gold bullion. Then, we assembled the most popular products into bundles so you can shop like a billionaire with just one click.