Silver Maple Leafs

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Canadian Silver Maple Leafs at BullionMax

The Canadian Silver Maple Leaf holds a distinguished status in the world of silver coins, second only to the American Silver Eagle. Renowned for its superior silver content and exquisite design, many regard it as the pinnacle of silver coinage. Released annually by the Canadian Government, this coin is universally recognized for its intrinsic value.


The obverse of the Maple Leaf features various portraits of reigning British monarchs. Over the years, these portraits have evolved, reflecting the length of the monarch’s reign and changes in monarchs. Notable designs include:

  • Arnold Machin’s second-generation effigy of Elizabeth II (through 1989).
  • Dora de Pedery-Hunt’s third-generation portrait of Elizabeth II (1990-2002/03).
  • Susanna Blunt’s fourth-generation bust of Elizabeth II (2003/04-2023).
  • Steven Rosati’s portrait of King Charles III, marking a historic shift in Canadian numismatic history (2024-present).

On the reverse side, the iconic Maple Leaf takes center stage, meticulously crafted to showcase its intricate beauty. This attention to detail sets the Silver Maple Leaf apart from other coins, making it a prized possession for collectors and investors alike.

BU Maple Leaf Packaging

Upon leaving the mint, Canadian Silver Maple Leafs are carefully packaged to preserve their quality. Multiples of 25 coins are housed in mint tubes, while larger quantities of 500 coins are secured in Monster Boxes. Individual purchases or smaller multiples are protected with plastic flips, ensuring their safe delivery to collectors worldwide.


In addition to its standard Brilliant Uncirculated version, the Silver Maple Leaf offers a range of collectible variations. From commemorative editions celebrating Canada’s wildlife to colorized and gilded renditions, each variation adds a unique charm to this esteemed coin.

Security Features

To safeguard against counterfeiting, the Royal Canadian Mint has implemented advanced security measures for the Silver Maple Leaf. Precision-engraved radial lines and a micro-engraved laser privy mark beneath the maple leaf provide added assurance of authenticity, reaffirming the coin’s reputation for excellence and trustworthiness.

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