Queen Elizabeth II Platinum Minted Coins

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Platinum Coins Featuring Queen Elizabeth II

As a highly prized precious metal, platinum coins are rare to come by – increasingly so, as demand for platinum increases along with increased electronics production. Platinum coins and bullion featuring the portrait of the late Queen Elizabeth II will be even rarer still after this year, as no further tender bearing Her Majesty’s visage will be minted or printed.

Platinum is not only rare, it’s extremely stable, meaning coins and legal tender made from platinum will virtually never corrode or lose value. In other words, coins made from platinum and purchased today will exist exactly as they are for the indefinite future! Collectors can’t ask for better value preservation than that. 

Because of its durability and highly limited rarity, platinum coins featuring Queen Elizabeth II can be considered the ultimate form of memorializing Britain’s longest-ruling monarch. Choose from signature coins such as the White Lion, the White Horse, or Lady Britannia herself. 

But don’t wait, as these coins won’t stay in stock for long!