Queen Elizabeth II Minted Coins

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Queen Elizabeth II Coinage: 1952-2023


On September 8, 2022, Queen Elizabeth II passed away – marking the longest reign of any British monarch in the more than 1,000 year history of the crown. During her 70 years on the throne, Queen Elizabeth helped guide the British empire from collapse into the Commonwealth of Nations, a voluntary union of 54 sovereign countries. Her presence as a steadying force for the British people and millions around the world has been nothing short of legendary. In fact, for the majority of her subjects and citizens of Commonwealth nations, she’s the only monarch they’ve ever known.


Queen Elizabeth on Coins


For coin collectors, the life and legacy of Queen Elizabeth II is a singular opportunity. With her reign presiding over modern history and across the globe, no other person has been featured on currency more often than her. From the very first coin released with her portrait by the Royal Mint in 1953 (one year after she took the throne), coins from dozens of countries now bear her likeness, some of which have billions in circulation.

The most well-known gold and silver coins featuring Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II throughout their entire mintage history include:

British gold sovereigns minted from 1953-2022 have one of five different images of Queen Elizabeth II, depending on their year of mintage. 

With the Queen’s death, however, all national currency featuring her portrait will be stopping production. That means that, going forward, the Royal Mint and all other national mints will be changing their currency over to King Charles III’s royal visage instead. Some of the world’s most popular gold and silver coins will be changing forever. Which has sent coin collectors on a scramble!

See, only now, in hindsight, is it possible to own a coin from every year of Queen Elizabeth’s reign, start to finish. Collectors are fanatics about completion. Furthermore, the 2022 mintage year serves as an additional keepsake and memento of the Queen’s tenure – simply because it marks the year of her passing.

While any coin featuring Queen Elizabeth II can be added to a collection, it’s the truly commemorative coins that have lasting value. With that in mind, BullionMax is pleased to offer our selection of officially minted coins bearing Queen Elizabeth’s portrait from official sovereign mints around the world. 

Each of the carefully chosen products above is made with exquisite detail by the mints involved, incorporating a variety of anti-counterfeiting technologies. Along with being more than worthy for addition to any Queen Elizabeth II collection, each of these coins retains their intrinsic value as gold or silver bullion and serves as legal tender in their nation of issue.   

Now is an ideal time to add to your Queen Elizabeth II coin collection as scarcity increases! Coin shops worldwide are already seeing huge increases in sales in the past few weeks… we don’t expect our 2022 Queen Elizabeth minted coins to last.  Shop now to invest in gold or silver Queen Elizabeth II coins.


Official Mints Featuring Queen Elizabeth II


Britain's Royal Mint

The United Kingdom has been home to coin manufacturing since at least 200 BC, but it wasn’t until the documentation of minting started in 886 AD that the Royal Mint of the United Kingdom formally began. In its 1,100 year history, the Royal Mint has become synonymous with coin production around the world, with nations and colonies utilizing billions of coins made by branches of the mint over time. Today, the Royal Mint is based in Wales, where it produces an average of two billion pound sterling coins and about two billion coins for more than 60 other countries every year.

Royal Canadian Mint

Founded in 1901 in Ottawa, the Royal Canadian Mint has operated independently of the United Kingdom Royal Mint since 1931. Since then, it has become world-renowned for its versatility and capacity, producing a wide range of coinage not only for Canada but other countries (such as Jamaica and Venezuela) as well. The mint produces up to two billion Maple Leaf bullion coins made from gold, silver, palladium, and platinum every year. In 2007, the Royal Canadian Mint gained worldwide attention with its limited run of 99.999 percent pure gold bullion Maple Leaf coins.

Royal Mint of Australia 

As the first mint in Australia to be independent of London’s Royal Mint, the Royal Australian Mint was officially founded in 1965. Located in Canberra, Australia’s federal capital city, the mint now produces the majority of Australia’s precious metal coin currency with a capacity to produce more than two million coins a day. The mint has achieved notable accomplishments such as producing the world’s first coin to feature a double hologram in 2001 (in honor of the Australian federation’s centennial).

Perth Mint

The oldest of Australia’s two currently active mints, the Perth Mint was founded in 1899 as a branch of the United Kingdom’s Royal Mint. Now fully owned by the Western Government of Australia, the Perth Mint is responsible for producing the country’s bullion – aligning with its original responsibility of refining the raw gold ore mined from Australia’s bountiful precious metal deposits. The Perth Mint broke world records when it produced the world’s heaviest gold coin in October 2011, weighing in at 2,231 pounds (1,012 kilograms).