5 Gram Gold Bars

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5-Gram Gold Bars

Gold bullion bars come in a variety of sizes, perfect for any collector's budget and needs.  One of our most popular sizes for gold bars is the 5 gram gold bar.  This is half the size of a 10 gram gold bar, both of which are smaller than a 1 oz bar.  The price of gold is typically based on one troy ounce of gold, but with smaller bars available it is possible to purchase gold in lower amounts.

A 5 gram gold bar is very affordable for almost any investor, which makes it particularly suitable for first-time buyers or someone looking to get more gold out of a little leftover budget not quite enough for a full ounce.  Gold stackers will often throw in 10, 5 or even 1 gram bars into their order just to maximize their gold take for their allotted budget.

These 5 gram bars, along with 10 and 1 gram bars, are a must for anyone who uses gold for barter.  The smaller denominations make it easier to arrive at precise measurements, just as one might use various denominations of fiat currency to provide "exact change" during a transaction.

All of our 5 gram gold bars come contain 5 grams of .9999 fine gold from trusted mints.  The bars come inside tamper-evident packaging, ensuring the contents are genuine, unaltered and top quality.

First-time buyers should note that gold is a particularly dense element, which means its size can be deceiving.  When purchasing a 5 gram gold bar, you may be surprised to see just how small 5 grams of gold is, but rest assured that the full 5 grams of value is there in the metal.  You'll notice the significance of the weight in your hand despite the small size.  The density is a unique property of gold that makes it such an incredible, and valuable, metal.


Popular 5-Gram Gold Bars

Perth Mint 5-Gram Gold Bar – The Perth Mint's 10-gram gold bar features its swan logo along with the weight and gold content of the bar.  It is one of the many sizes of gold bars offered by the Perth Mint.

Valcambi 5-Gram Gold Bar – Swiss Valcambi gold bars feature the mint's logo along with metal content, weight and a serial number.  Valcambi bars have perhaps the most minimalist design making them great for collectors who appreciate simplicity.

The Royal Mint 5-Gram 'Gift' Gold Bars – The Royal Mint has a series of 5 gram gold bars designed to be given away as gifts.  They come with a special envelope, similar to one that might traditionally contain a gift card, which will include a message such as "Best Wishes" or "Happy Birthday".  However, rather than pulling out a generic gift card as might be expected, the gift recipient will be delighted with a 5 gram gold bar surprise!

Price of 5-Gram Gold Bars

The price of gold varies, and as such the exact price of any given 5 gram gold bar will also vary, depending on the spot price of gold at the time of purchase.  At BullionMax you can see the current price of our available gold bars on any of the gold bar product pages.