What Silver Stackers Loved in Q4 of 2022

Posted on January 05, 2023

Nothing like a little hard data to shine a light on market trends. What are the five most popular silver items in our inventory for the last quarter of 2022? Care to take a guess?

Will our most popular silver be your typical and expected coins and bars, or could some unusual or unique items pop into the Top 5?

BullionMax's Top Silver Products: Q4 2022


2022 1 oz silver American Eagle

1 oz Silver American Eagle

The Silver Eagle is what we expect to see in the top five sales list of any American retailer. In the case of silver, the plain old bullion variety does the trick, giving our investors an appealing entry point while also satisfying one's numismatic side.  It’s perhaps one of the most well-known issues from the US Mint, and a must for many silver collectors.  The simple, patriotic appeal easily stands the test of time and continues to be a mainstay in the face of stiff competition from unusual, sometimes even gimmicky, numismatic newcomers. 


2022 1 oz Australian Kangaroo Silver coin

1 oz silver Kangaroo coin

70% the price of a Silver Eagle but no drop in quality? Perth Mint is quickly proving itself a top contender in the world of sovereign mints with its excellent runs and diverse designed updated every year. The Kangaroo would probably be its coin of choice in any Mint-on-Mint competition, and like a boxing kangaroo, it’s sure to put up a strong fight. While the Perth Mint also offers a wide range of popular, unique coins and plenty that include all variety of wacky Australian animals, nothing is more iconically Australian than a kangaroo.  If the Silver Eagle is the quintessential coin of America, then the Silver ‘Roo is certainly that for our Down Under friends. 


2022 1 oz Canadian Maple Leaf Silver coin

1 oz Silver Maple Leaf coin

Sticking with the theme of national identity, Canada’s Maple Leaf fits right in.  While the Perth Mint has historically focused on big coins, the Royal Canadian Mint deals in exceptionally pure ones. Gold and silver purity above .9999 is common, and sometimes even higher. The motivations to own a Maple Leaf are probably similar to those of wanting to own a Kangaroo.  However, given the national identities involved, and both being members of His Majesty’s commonwealth, the competition between these two is likely fierce.  Still, we don’t mind if customers want to have one of each.  King Charles probably won’t mind either, given that his visage will be gracing each soon enough. 


1 oz Silver Round (generic)

1 oz silver round Native American head

Premiums continue dominating product choices. The "our choice" round gives customers the option to buy silver 40% below the price of something like a Maple Leaf. High-quality 1oz silver rounds are easy to trade and stack, especially when keeping their general accessibility in mind. Though it doesn’t have the same collectible appeal or government-backed trust of the coins in our Top 5, it’s an easy choice for investors looking to up their stake in silver quickly and efficiently. 


10 oz generic silver bar

10 oz silver bar Native American head ASAHI

How did a large bar make it past all the other product choices?  You would think it would be far easier to buy up the lesser 1 oz silver bars, but with premiums on an ounce basis going for a third of the Eagle's price, it's an easy choice to make if you need a lot of silver.  Of course, hardcore silver investors might say a 10 oz bar, or even a good stack of them, isn’t much silver, but with silver stock around the world on decline, 10 ounces is a great start to a nice collection.

Our buying forecast for 2023

There might be fireworks in the silver market, but we don't think they will be a large impact on decisions affecting specific top products. Dealer-choice silver rounds and any bullion in general is going to be popular because the discount is hard to match if you want to buy based on bullion content, which many do. Silver rounds, however, have proven an almost strangely popular choice given that they would be expected to first appeal to numismatists.

We would expect another silver bar to return to the top 5 quarterly seller list this year. The question will be whether generic silver bars will overcome the popularity of the iconic symbols pushed out each year from government mints.  Many buyers still believe strongly in the premium value, and long-term potential, of these silver coins.