May 15 Silver Raid – Here’s What We Learned

Posted on June 08, 2022

By Paul Vanguard, for BullionMax.com Back on May 15, silver stackers across the nation staged a silver raid, buying up millions of ounces of silver from dealers like BullionMax. Here’s a brief incident report where we break down the most popular products the raiders chose when they went out to buy silver bullion.

What is a silver raid?

When you hear “silver raid,” you might think of vikings or pirates. These days, a silver raid is a collective buying event organized through reddit’s /WallStreetSilver community (which broke off from the famous /WallStreetBets group with lots of drama). Basically, participants are attempting to short-squeeze silver the same way /wsb did to GameStop – and expect to see similar results. Why? Well, here’s one explanation:
Only difference in the trade with silver is that you can hold physical pieces of silver… Silver will 100% do a GME style gamma/short squeeze- and go absolutely parabolic. but remember, while they'll break every law in existence to screw you on the digital platforms - they cannot take your physical metal away.
In other words, your smartphone free-stock-trading app can’t change the rules of the game on you when they see you start to win. This is, in fact, one of the things I personally love about owning gold coins and silver bars. They’re MINE. There’s no “T+2 settlement” or “Depository Trust Company” or an app or broker standing between me and my property. Call me a populist at heart. So, on May 15, the WallStreetSilver community (or at least some portion of it) organized a silver raid, and went shopping. Some of them came to us. Here’s what they bought…

Hottest silver coins and bars

When the silver raiders plundered our vault, here’s what they carried off.

#5: 2022 1 oz American Eagle Silver Coin

No surprise here – the American silver eagle coin has been a top silver stacker pick since it was first minted. They’re bought and sold by the monster box quite often, and a 1 oz silver eagle makes a fantastic first coin for a starting stacker.

#4: 2022 5 oz Silver Starter Kit

Our 5 oz silver starter kit placed pretty high on the list! Well, it’s a great value (especially for first-time customers) that comes with five of our most popular 1 oz silver products. We’ve often said, if you can’t decide which silver you want to buy, start with the starter kit.

#3: 2022 1 oz Australian Koala Silver Coin

The latest mintage of Perth Mint’s silver koala was a huge hit during the silver raid. We had a bundle of them in stock, at a really good price, and they cleaned us out. Maybe it was the pricing? Maybe it was the cuddly-cute napping koala on the reverse that made this silver coin a must-have? Since silver koala designs change annually, it’s more collectible than a lot of other silver bullion coins… Regardless for the reasons behind its popularity, they’re gone for now. We’re trying to get more in the vault – stay tuned.

#2: 2022 1 oz British Britannia Silver Coin

The only coin we sold more of than Australian koalas, the 2022 British Britannia was also a big hit. For my money, the Britannia is a better-looking coin than the silver koala. I mean, the koala’s really adorable – but the Britannia’s design is absolutely regal. To me, the koala looks like a novelty. The Britannia looks like money. (Maybe I just have a soft spot for well-armed women?) The Britannia also displays hypnotic detailing on both sides, and I know I’ve mentioned this before, but I just love to hold a Britannia in my hand and tilt it, and watch the light sparkle on the background waves… It’s so soothing.

#1: 10 oz Generic Silver Bar (Random Design)

As you might expect from hardcore silver stackers, our 10 oz silver bars were the hands-down favorite. We shipped 40% more ounces of these bars than silver Britannias to the raiders. Makes sense – they’re a great combination of high-value and low premiums over spot price. Maybe they’re not the most beautiful of our silver bullion, but they’re definitely the most efficient.

How much silver did BullionMax sell?

An awful lot. Here’s a chart, just to give you an idea: May 15 silver raid - ounces shipped Yeah, these folks really like silver… If you want to get started for yourself, you don’t need to wait for the next silver raid. You can avoid the crowds and buy silver bullion right now. It’s vastly more affordable than gold, a beautiful metal with a long and storied history, and the world’s finest mints are turning it into works of art every single day.   Paul Vanguard is a lifelong precious metals enthusiast and a proud member of the BullionMax team.