Here’s How to Buy Gold and Silver Like a Billionaire

Posted on September 01, 2022

If you had to guess, how do you think we picked the contents of our gold investor bundle and silver starter kit? Affordability? Beauty (or, as Steve would say, “eye-catchiness”)? Stock levels, or stuff we wanted to empty out of the vault? Actually, the answer is much better than that. Our gold investor bundle and silver starter kit contain what can be called the most popular bullion. But this doesn't mean popularity among everyday buyers, numismatists and bullion reviewers. Not that there’s anything wrong with that. Rather, the products in these kits are made up of the top products selected by our biggest buyers in their largest purchases. It’s the opposite of products we’re stuck with and can’t move. These are the items our biggest customers simply can't get enough of. It might have been tempting for us to include whatever sells the least in these kits. After all, inventory depletion is a thing. Plenty of decent bullion shops have a difficult time maintaining year-round availability of top coins and other popular bullion. But we wanted our customers to buy the best bullion, even if they’re first-time buyers. Especially if they’re feeling overwhelmed with choices. Our gold and silver bullion kits provide them with the same items our highest net worth customers buy every day. To decide on what the gold and silver kits are supposed to hold, we analyzed our purchase trends. And not just any purchase trends, but those made by wealthy investors. The products in both our gold and silver kits are our top sellers, by far.

Figuring out the best bullion to buy

So here’s what we did… We analyzed all our customers’ orders. We isolated the 1% largest orders. Then, we compared those largest orders to figure out which gold and silver products are most popular among the big spenders. Now, I shouldn’t go as far as to say these particular folks are billionaires. But they're certainly extremely wealthy (I mean, my Visa doesn’t have a $1 million credit limit). What do we know about the super-wealthy? In general, they are careful about their money. They tend to have investment advisors who leave no stone unturned when it comes to investing their wealth and (more importantly!) to avoiding losses. And clearly, to them, the coins in our gold investor bundle and the five in our silver starter kit represent the optimal way to do just that. Yes, there’s nothing particularly obscure in either of these two packages. Everything in them is popular already. So why these in particular? Why do they pick these products above all others? If we had to guess, we'd say that our big buyers see the most value in them. Plenty of thought and deliberation was put into these big financial decisions. How do they come to their conclusions? I’m reluctant to say simply because I don’t know for sure. Since we can’t say what their decision process looked like, the best we can do is analyze our sales data and say, “Wow, looks like our whales are really into…” Why? Shrug. Are they right or wrong? Can’t tell you – all I know is the boys in the warehouse are shipping millions of dollars worth of these eight bullion products to some of the wealthiest households in the U.S.

Everybody has opinions about the best bullion to buy – we’ve got the data

Gold or silver? Coins or bars? The eagle vs. maple leaf has almost come to blows on many occasions. Is Perth Mint better than Royal Canadian Mint? Kangaroos, koalas or kookaburras? For most of us, these questions about which is the best bullion to buy are simply unanswerable. They often come down to either: Which is priced best? If not, Which do you like best? Opinions are fine. They give us something to talk about. Everybody has a favorite. Our sales data gave us something a little bit stronger than an opinion. We can go round and round about our opinions all day long. But you can’t argue with data. When you order one of our product bundles (samplers?), you’re getting access to the same products the heavyweights choose. And remember, they can afford to buy anything they want. You don’t need to study precious metals or even have an opinion. I figure it’s almost as good as calling up some of the best financial advisors and asked them: "What's really the best bullion investment?"

Why we didn’t mix silver and gold bullion

Just to answer a question that’s come up a few times – why separate gold and silver starter kits? Same answer: because that’s what the 1% biggest shoppers do. They tend to be loyal to one or the other, regardless of the size of the purchase. Yes, a seven-digit silver order takes a lot more boxes to ship out than a seven-digit gold order. Even so, we’re happy to do it.