Gold and Silver Coins Make Incredible Gifts for All These Occasions

Posted on July 25, 2022

By Paul Vanguard, for BullionMax.com

Gift-giving is one of those skills not many of us have mastered. All too often, we feel stuck at the beginning. What to buy for the recipient? It has to be thoughtful and considerate, ideally something of value – and best of all if its perceived value is greater than the amount of money you spend.

Cash or a gift card? That just seems lazy. Thoughtless rather than thoughtful. And it completely eliminates the class, the flair, the intent of gift-giving. Sure, it works well in some situations (especially where it’s traditional), but for commemorative events and celebrations, an envelope of cash just doesn’t convey the right message.

On the other hand, we have a hypothetical, imaginary gift. Let's say a nice watch. We know the person will look up the watch's price because curiosity is human nature, so we try to make it as expensive as possible. Now, we've spent a significant amount of money on an object of questionable value to the person. Will they like it? Will they even wear it? Are they going to think, "I hate it when they make watches needlessly expensive" after looking up the price, or possibly the opposite, “I can’t believe Uncle Max only thinks I’m worth…”? On and on it goes.

So again, what we want is a gift that’s:

  • Symbolic
  • Thoughtful
  • Has a high perceived value (in other words, it seems like it’s worth more than we paid for it)

These are exactly the characteristics that make both gold and silver coins outstanding gifts for a surprising number of occasions.

A gift of gold or silver is like giving money, but better

Gold and silver coins are the ideal meeting point between value and class, between thoughtful gift selection and an envelope of cash.

If the recipient would prefer cash, they can sell it soon thereafter with considerably less guilt than if you gave them an object. Not to mention for a better price, too. They can sell it now, or 10, or 20 years down the line. And the best thing is, the longer they hold onto it and wonder whether to sell, the more it'll appreciate.

This is just the worst-case scenario, though. They might like the coin and prefer to keep it. They might look into precious metals ownership and start building a road towards sound financial decisions that they might not otherwise. After all, for as much as we hear about gold investment during times of 40-year-high inflation, we believe most people still don't really understand it. What better entry point, then?

Choosing the right coin as a gift

There are a few things you’ll want to keep in mind when choosing the right gift coin for a special occasion:

  • Year of mintage: a coin minted the same year as the event is ideal!
  • Design of the coin: an implicit or explicit connection between the coin’s design and the event makes the gift much more thoughtful. For example: Dear Tim, Congratulations on receiving your degree! I’m sure you’ll soar as high as this silver eagle…
  • Pre-gift wrapped: virtually all proof coins come with presentation packaging direct from the mint. So if you’re not a wrapping paper enthusiast, that makes life just a little easier!

If you choose the right coin for the occasion, remember, you’re not just giving a gift. You’re creating a family heirloom. You’re cementing memories of a momentous occasion with a symbolic, meaningful and valuable piece of numismatic art (that just happens to be worth money, too).

Why would anyone ever buy a ceramic tchotchke when they could give such a precious gift?

Gold and silver coins make great gifts on these occasions

Here at BullionMax, we get to speak to an awful lot of everyday Americans just like you and help them find exactly the right gift for their special occasion. Here are a few of those occasions and the most popular gift coin for each:

Graduation gifts (high school, college)

A nice proof silver eagle minted the same year as the graduate earns their degree.

Post-graduate degrees and certifications

Think medical doctors, law students passing the bar exam, accountants finally passing the CPA exam, and the like.

Family members often buy gold American eagle coins as congratulatory gifts. The advantage to the gold eagle is, you can choose between fractional weights all the way up to a 1 oz proof gold eagle if you want expedited consideration for, say, a lifetime’s free medical advice.

And if that’s not enough, why not a set of all four proof gold eagles minted that year? These four-piece sets are significantly harder to come by than individual coins, though.

Baby shower gifts or “baby’s 0th birthday” present

(Or, “Somebody got a bun in the oven?” as my Uncle Dale used to say.)

Okay, this one’s a little more free-form. You can go light on the symbolism and simply choose any suitable coin minted the year of the little one’s birth. (Honestly, you can’t go wrong with this – the worst-case scenario is the parents will expect another coin annually, on little Hettie’s birthday…

OR go the extra mile! Perth Mint’s Lunar New Year series releases a new design annually– 2022 is the Year of the Tiger. Perth Mint offers gold and silver coins featuring the symbolic lunar zodiac animal, and since the lunar new year runs on a 12-year cycle, you can’t be expected to produce a yearly contribution to the amateur numismatist’s stash! In addition, Perth Mint regularly produces a variety of weights and designs for their Lunar New Year series, so you’ve got a lot of choices.

Perth Mint also has a “Mother and baby” series or “Next generation” series that might be suitable for baby showers this year… on the other hand, the 2022 design features a mother dingo and her pup, so, you know, buyer beware. (It could be worse – the 2019 design of a mother saltwater crocodile and her baby wouldn’t be received as a compliment by any but, possibly, herpetologists… Remember, that whole design symbolism thing can backfire, too!)

Wedding gifts

Nothing says, “Congratulations!” like a proof silver eagle minted the year vows were exchanged. A friend of mine actually got a pair of proof American eagle coins for his wedding, one silver and one gold. He called up the gift-giver and asked, “Whose is whose?”

“You all work it out – there’s no way I’m getting in the middle of that!” the wedding guest replied, and promptly hung up.

Even so, a set of two collectible coins minted the same year has a certain romantic appeal. Were the couple betrothed in 2021, well, they’re in luck – because that’s the only year you can get proof American eagle coins in both Type 1 and Type 2 designs! (Whose is whose? Don’t ask us…)

Anniversary gifts

Any proof coin minted in anniversary year makes a great gift. Pro tip: according to either tradition or Hallmark, the “gifts by anniversary year” includes silver to celebrate the 25th anniversary, and gold to celebrate a 50th anniversary. Maybe that’s nice, but I say, Why wait?

A gift of silver on the first wedding anniversary? Dear Melissa and Doug, I’m certain your love will last another 24 years at least… (On second thought, don’t write that – nobody else would think it’s as funny as you and I do.)

Celebrating a big promotion

Moving out of the cube farm, into the corner office? Every fresh executive needs a desk that boasts three or four high-end props to awe their visitors. I’ve seen people using 10 oz silver bullion bars as paperweights.

Where to buy gold and silver coins for gifts

It's important to keep in mind that there are no guarantees to find a store selling low-premium, high-quality gold and silver coins everywhere in the world. So people elsewhere don't have the option to just buy gold and silver coins and do away with the dilemma completely. But, it just so happens that we offer that option.

Start your search for the perfect gift for any occasion right here at BullionMax.


Paul Vanguard is a lifelong precious metals enthusiast and a proud member of the BullionMax team.