How to Buy Bullion Online: A Beginner’s Guide

Posted on December 09, 2021

By Paul Vanguard, for BullionMax.com

We get a lot of questions from first-time precious metals shoppers about how to buy bullion. Gold or silver? Coins or bars?

We get it. Bullion investment these days can feel daunting. People are waking up to the reality of how different, and indeed less valuable, paper gold is compared to the real thing. You want a tangible asset, not an IOU. And you want to be absolutely sure you're swapping your cash for the right thing. The best choice.

So we cracked our knuckles and put down everything we know about how to shop smart when you buy bullion and put it right here: Investing in Bullion: A Buyer's Guide

The guide takes you through your decision process, step by step:

  1. Choose your metal
  2. Select the type of bullion
  3. Check out top-selling products from each category

If you're not sure where to start, take a look at the bullion buyer's guide. It'll answer questions you didn't even know you had.

I already know I want to buy gold bullion, now what?

Making the decision to buy gold bullion is, in some ways, even more challenging. It comes down to price. If you buy a silver round you don't fall in love with, you're out maybe $25-$30 at today's prices.

Right now, even the smallest gold coin in our inventory will run you 10x that much. If you make a gold purchase you're unhappy with, well, it's a lot harder to laugh it off.

For this specific reason, we took the time to assemble a Gold Bullion Buyer's Guide. This time we dig deeper into the pros and cons of different forms of gold bullion, along with the pros and cons of each.

If you've already decided gold is the way to go, our gold bullion buying guide will help you make up your mind. (Please read it -- the whole thing took a ridiculous amount of work to put together!)

I don't want an education, just tell me what bullion to buy


Seriously, no. The choice to buy bullion is all about freedom. It's about taking back your economic power from a shadowy cabal of unelected technocrats who don't have your best interests in mind, at all.

We don't want to make that decision for you. Instead, we'd strongly recommend you make your own choice. Besides, you'll never forget your first piece of bullion. Regardless of its weight or shape or age, that piece will have a special magic for you. (Seriously.)

Now, if you need a short list of options to consider, what I can do is tell you about our hottest picks from the major categories.

Gold bullion coins

Top-selling gold bullion coin: 1 oz American Eagle

It's big, it's beautiful, it's an American classic since 1986. This is by far our top-selling gold coin.

Runner-up: 2021 Canadian maple leaf gold coin

For those who scoff at the American eagle for its 22kt gold content, the Canadian maple leaf's 0.9999 purity hits the spot.

Honorable mention: Krugerrand

It's not just the world's first modern bullion coin, it's the coin that launched every other bullion coin currently minted today. The Krugerrand is our #3 seller in gold coins and will always hold a special place in my heart thanks to its mention in the 1989 classic buddy cop film Lethal Weapon 2. (See why I told you to make up your own mind?)

Gold bullion bars

Hottest gold bullion bar: 1 oz Valcambi Suisse gold bar (brilliant, uncirculated condition)

From the world's most famous refinery, untouched by human hands, secure in its tamper-proof packaging with enclosed assay card, these Valcambi bars absolutely fly off the shelves.

Silver bullion

Top-selling silver bullion bar: 1 oz SilverTowne Buffalo bar

SilverTowne is a well-known name in the U.S. and their silver bullion bars are always in high demand. Folks order them by the bushel. (Interestingly, we've sold almost exactly as many ounces of silver in the form of SilverTowne's 10 oz bullion bar, but first place goes to the 1 oz size.

Hottest silver bullion coin : 1 oz American Eagle

Just as eye-catching as the gold eagle, silver eagles are a stacker's best friend. If you want to buy silver that's truly beautiful, eagles might be right for you.

Note, though, that we sell about 50% more silver bullion rounds than silver eagles. Rounds might be a better pick for shoppers on a tight budget.


Paul Vanguard is a lifelong precious metals enthusiast and a proud member of the BullionMax team.