American Buffalo Gold Coins

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Here it is, the Very First 24-karat proof gold coin ever struck by the U.S. Mint. The American buffalo proof gold coin boasts 1 oz of 0.9999 pure gold, and that’s awesome. In our minds, what’s even more important is the history…

At first we thought buffalo gold coins were a “remastering” of the original design, so we checked with the U.S. Mint. Turns out that yes, it was very slightly modified. This is based on the Type 1 buffalo design, which had the critter standing on a mound of dirt, which was just a bit too high in relief, and caused very fast wear. This modification has a toned-down dirt mound and a raised rim around both sides of the coin. Not that wear is exactly a concern for a proof 24-karat gold coin… 

If you love buffalo nickels, you’re not alone. They’re widely regarded as the best-designed of all U.S. coins, bar none. This is the version of that buffalo nickel you always wanted – big enough to see, appreciate, marvel at, daydream over. And because it’s struck at Proof Quality, the engraving and relief are spectacular. This Is The Way The American Buffalo Coin Should Be Seen!

This is your opportunity to get your hands on a gold American buffalo proof coin from thefirst-ever mintage. They won’t be around forever, get yours while you can!

Why 24-karat or 0.9999 pure gold?

Funny, we wondered the same thing. Well, it turns out the U.S. Mint and our nation’s official gold bullion coin, the American eagle were losing market share to pure gold coins like the Canadian gold maple leaf. Some 60% of the world gold market want pure gold coins rather than 22-kt eagles or Krugerrands. So the gold buffalo is the U.S. Mint’s play for the pure gold coin market. 

The buffalo gold coin and American history

If you ever daydreamed about being a cowboy or a train-robber, this is the gold coin for you…

See, American buffalo gold coins are an homage to the buffalo nickel from way back in 1913. James Earle Fraser made magic when he designed that coin: The noble portrait of a Native American with a stoic expression on the obverse, the Iconic American bison (okay, fine, call it a buffalo) on the reverse so incredibly lifelike. And like the portrait on the obverse, the buffalo looks unbelievably sad. Somehow Fraser captured America’s heartbreak and mourning over the end of the days of cowboys and pioneers. He distilled the sorrow of a nation into two masterpieces of art 

No, no that’s not it at all! Both the Native American chief and the buffalo, they’re expressions of strength, courage and the pioneering spirit that drove those settlers out of the cities, across the plains, through forests and deserts, over mountains all the way to the Pacific! That’s why it says LIBERTY in big letters right on the front, where you can’t miss it!

…suffice to say, members of the BullionMax team have very passionate and mixed opinions on the issue.